Caricaturing at the America's Cup in Plymouth - Before

Hey there peeps

This is a quick update to say I've been commissioned as a caricaturist at the Plymouth University's marquee at The Hoe during the America's Cup world sailing celebrations in Plymouth.
  It's a bloody terrifying thought that I'll be drawing people live in front of them, and then giving them what I've drawn. I've never done it before, but hopefully I'll learn quick.
  I've no idea about times or pricing yet, I'm being paid but I don't know by whom (I think the Uni is paying me rather than people paying me for their caricature) or how much, for how long, which days I'm supposed to be there etc. it's all a bit last-minute I think. The America's Cup is all this week though so I presume I could be working there tomorrow maybe (I mean today, it's 0:35am). 

Here's a sketch of Brad Pitt I did for practice.

...and here's a really really cheesy one of me.

I'm going for the disproportioned style. If I tried drawing people realistically under that sort of stress I think I'd probably just end up making them look ridiculous anyway. 

Wish me luck.

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  1. Hope the rest of your day went well. and completely love the name of your blog. Brilliant.