Induction Project Faces Sept 2010

These are just some sketches I did of myself for the induction week project of my degree. I did lots more but they seem to have been lost or thrown away by someone after we'd put all our drawings up on the wall, never mind.

fine liner all one line without taking the pen off the page

A stroll around Plymouth - 31st Jan 2011

Book Binding - 3rd Feb 2011

Hey peeps back to blogging. :) it seems a running theme for this blog that I make one or two posts then stop for a few weeks. meh.... onwards we go

About a month ago I had a book binding class at uni and I decided to bring my camera along for the trip.

We were shown three different methods of fashioning the books together, starting with just paper and card and glue etc. Signature binding is nice, you stitch together 8 sheets of paper into groups, then bind these groups together. Then wallop on the card cover with some fancy measuring and cutting and gluing and y' done. I think the stitching method looks nicer and higher quality than the splodge-the-pages-together-with-glue method however it gives less freedom with the no. of pages you can have.

wallop... I like that word.

*googles the word wallop*

Wallop Defence Systems Ltd is possibly the best name for a company I've ever come across.