The Bay

This picture was part of my ILLUS 130 'drawing out' module at uni which finished in spring this year. I drew it from life at a little bay in Plymouth, with my trusty 2H, HB and 2B pencils.

An earlier, unfinished version of this picture was previously shown on this blog here.

Pencil Sketches

I drew this last Tuesday night, it's just a few pencil sketches for my uni project (ILLUS 240). For the next few weeks for uni I'm going to be drawing crumpled up fashion magazine pages, with all the folds and scratches, to show the invalidity of obsessing over self-image etc. - or something like that :P

EDIT: Forgot to say, the figures are from this guy's fantastic style and people watching blog:

Roland Livinski Window Display (BRITISH ART SHOW 7: in the days of the comet)

Hey peeps
At the start of the year I was working with others in my class redesigning the front window of our university building for the new academic year. The theme was BRITISH ART SHOW 7: in the days of the comet. We were to create birds to be hung in the shape of a comet to mark the occasion.

finding a simple, easy, visually
legible style for the window

my finished birds hanging in the window

The colour scheme was chosen by Coco Carter:
"...bright, fun, and bare resemblance to actual
comet colours :)".

The finished display

Photo by Jo Larsen Brunett of the window at

Life Drawing Class 13.10.2011

Work drawn in charcoal on A1 size paper.

10 mins
half an hour
~ 15 mins
Drawn in crayon
This last one was a collaborative piece. Our tutor gave us the task of drawing on the same paper as someone else in the class at the same time, correcting each other's work intuitively and communicating together - great fun! I like to draw faint foundation lines initially then build the drawing up with more confident lines once I think I've reached something satisfactory, while Sophia prefers to dive straight in and make bold expressive strokes then afterwards fix up any inaccuracies with finishing touches. The final image works pretty well though I think, considering we didn't have very much time and it was the first time we'd drawn together like that.