new blog name

I've decided I'm going to change the name of this blog - yes, again - to Nimmostration. I think it has more of a ring to it and sounds less crude then Ante Up, although some people may find the play on words a bit crass, I suppose. The url will stay the same.
  Before Ante Up it was called Alistair Nimmo Illustration, which I thought sounded boring and too literal. When I first created this blog I named it Heylister Blog. That was dumb.

Robbie the Rightious Rebel Rouser (WIP)

This is a Bday pic I made for my friend Robs. I'm calling it a WIP because it needs reworking (the shading on the armour is horrible, and why is it so foggy? :P ) and some colour on it before I can put it in my portfolio, which I have yet to put online. bah

The Big Draw

Members of our illustration class were asked if we could provide drawings of items from the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery anthropomorphised into treasure hunters from another world for their The Big Draw event. These were to be used on worksheets for children to search through the museum and find the items on their sheet.
 For the benefit of those of us who weren't in Plymouth at the time, Claire ( went round the museum taking photos of viable objects for us to draw. We then tagged ourselves in them on facebook so we could all easily see who was drawings what.

Big thanks to Claire and Jo ( for helping organise the rest of us. =)  

Below are my pustular discharges illustrious contributions to the event, done with India ink and a dip pen, except the top one which I used a small brush for (I need to buy a good quality sable brush at some point).


relief print
intaglio print

These are my humble efforts for the collography part of our first year life drawing module at uni. Working from a sketch, I attached bits of material to a piece of card ~ 8'' x 6''. The first image is an intaglio print, in which the ink is gently painted on then rubbed off of the top surfaces. I did another print like that one before switching to relief printing, first gently rolling the yellow ink on to the top surface before rolling the darker and more opaque red very lightly over the top.
  There are some parts of the intaglio print still visible on the relief print. I think it would have looked even better if more of the ink from the intaglio method had stayed on, to produce a nice hybrid of the two - the intaglio method for body and depth, the relief method for highlights.