PARIS TRIP - Monday 10th Jan

This year Paris was chosen for the Plymouth Uni Illustration course field trip. I was lucky enough to be one of the 81 students going.

It's 6am and we're getting on a coach, leaving from Plymouth City Museum to London St Pancreas International. We spent two hours playing I SPY before surrendering ourselves to an uncomfortable comatose state.

6 hours later we arrived at St. Pancreas Station, London.

Just a 2 hour journey on the Eurostar and were in Paris. We'd all kind of woken up by now after snacks and coffee in London. Paper planes with gratuitously bounderish remarks written on them were thrown across the carriage.

We arrived in Paris in street light city bustle.

After getting our rooms we went out to find something to eat. We found a nice quiet Italian place - the waiter was expectably embarrassed to serve people with such poor french vocab skills, or Italian for that matter :) . We were with third and second year students and so it was great to chat to them over dinner about the course and funny/awkward moments with our teachers.
Afterwards we tried to find a nice bar to have some drinks but our search failed. French people don't binge drink :P .