phone sketch to Photoshop painting

Last November I bought my first smart phone and discovered Sketcher, an app which allows you to create drawings using the phones touch screen. So if I don't have a sketchbook with me, I can whip out my phone and start drawing the first thing that falls into my head - fantastic!
What's really exciting to me though is how simple it is to bring the sketch onto my computer and start painting over it in Photoshop.
So, to get myself over the blue feelings the last university modules had put me under I decided to have a good Photoshop painting session last night. I love the result :)

Photoshop painting
Sketcher sketch

illus 210

For my main project at uni this last term, I decided to make pages for a wordless graphic novel made from collaged photos and rough sketches. I was disappointed with the overall final outcome of the spreads. It was time consuming and tedious work and after many long hours still looked pretty naff I felt. At least I know I don't want to do it ever again -ha.

Here are some of the best panels from it - there's no chance of me posting the whole thing.

click the image to see properly

Clouds are crumpled up bits of scrap paper

again, click the image to enlarge

The buildings are photographed keys, the sky is ripped paper which I scanned in