Caricaturing at the America's Cup in Plymouth - After

I didn't take many photos (rather a shame), and all the caricatures I did they got to keep of course, so not much to show.
At one point there was a massive group of 13~14 year old high school kids crowded around us, all wanting a caricature, so I did several two-person caricatures - crazy. I actually found it quite useful though, having another face next to the one you're drawing to help compare features when you're drawing quickly.
I'm really glad I pushed myself into doing it though. You've got to take risks. Being an artist means taking risks, feeling like an idiot, learning on your feet and blagging your way through it all while smiling and exuding a pencil-thin illusion of professionalism.

The iconic lighthouse at The Hoe
Josh's balloons

enchanted(?) participants

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