ILLUS 220 Finals: 'The Fish-men were to carry the Fire-stones in cases of Diamonds...'

The first of four illustrations I submitted for my year 2 2nd term main module for my illustration degree.
     Since my last WIP post of this I tightened up the image further and added my own scanned-in acrylic textures over the fire-stone to give it a little extra something.
     My tutor's reaction to this final was he felt the image was rather "generic". I guess I agree with him; the idea for the illustration isn't massively clever, and it looks plasticy and over saturated, as most digital paintings do. If it was meant as a concept artwork it might be good; as a book illustration, it's generic.

It's been a dream of mine to get a job as a concept artist in a computer game design company for the last few years now, but maybe I should be experimenting with other more interesting styles for my illustration uni projects and just do concept art portfolio stuff in my own time. God I wish I could go back to first year without paying more fees.

Here are some bits from my sketchbook:

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