Mass Comic Experiment: Hangman

For this uni project, as a chance to blow out the cobwebs after summer adventures, each person in our year group was given two or three panels from the comic Hangman (no copyright ^_^ ) to completely redo with a new composition and in whatever style in b/w, with the intention of fitting all the panels back together again to make an interesting new comic based off the old one.

These were a one off, it's not my usual style, but I wanted to try it out since it wasn't meant to be a serious thing. Really quite fun to do too. I might work in this more graphical style again, inspired by PAL, a Latvian born illustrator.

The pics were done with a large chisel tip black marker Sharpie over a pencil sketch, and white gesso to hide mistakes, and maybe a bit of Tip-ex. :D


  1. This was such a cool project! I wish we had done something similar but alas, we were the guinea pig illus class.
    Lovely lines dude, they remind me of woodcut prints. The waves one feels Japnese-ish.

    1. Thanks! :) the wave one was most definitely inspired by the massive 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' poster I bought at the sale in the SU in September :D so well noticed